Friday, 11 January 2013


iTunes 11.0.1 is a free app for Mac OS X and Windows PC. It is the most popular free digital music and video player available at the moment for download from Apple Store. It synchronises all your music and video files content to your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.  A most recent survey has indicated that most iTunes user have complained that it takes ages to load up iTunes on their computer. In this article, I am going to show you how to speedup iTunes 11.0.1 startup time for free.


Most iTunes user love the Smart Playlist feature found on iTunes. Removing Smart Playlist feature is not what I will recommend here, but editing and disabling Live Updating option will certainly result in 3 times faster startup speed. 

To remove the Live Updating feature on iTunes, just right click on the playlist. Select Edit Smart Playlist and uncheck Live Updating. Then click OK and you are done. Restart iTunes and you will notice how fast iTunes will take to startup.


Usually when you connect a device onto your computer, iTunes automatically detects and starts syncing all your apps, music and video files onto your device. This could be quite annoying and may result in iTunes get freeze up for about 30 seconds or more. I suggest you disable automatic syncing to avoid this from happening.
To disable automatic syncing, just select your connected device from the left iTunes sidebar and uncheck Automatic Sync option and you are done.


As we know the iTunes Genius feature helps to discover more music from what you listen and compare your music preference with others. This feature uses a lot of resources and can cause iTunes to slow down to a crawl. To disable Genius, just go to Store menu and select Turn off Genius as shown below.

Once you have Turn off Genius, just restart iTunes and you will notice how fast iTunes will load up the next time you launch iTunes on your computer.

I hope you find this article useful to you.

Good luck!

Sydney, Australia.